Ancient Grains Bread


Our ancient grains loaf is made using five ancient grain flours, including spelt, teff, Khorasan wheat (kamut) and purple wheat. Although less well known today, these grains were commonly grown in centuries past. This loaf will help you rediscover these grains of old, while enjoying the mix of antioxidant properties and exceptional taste. Sunflower, flax and sesame seeds have also been added to this flavourful mélange to enhance the health benefits and provide for an added splash of flavour! 

Low in fat, and a source of both iron and fibre, this bread is ideal for individuals seeking to vary their grain intake while reducing wheat consumption.

Pairing suggestion: Sample with Bleu-Blanc-Coeur ham, fine cheese or your choice of red meat.


Eau filtrée, farine blanche d’épeautre bio, farine blanche de kamut bio, farine de blé anthograins, farine red fife blanche bio, graines de tournesol bio, farine de teff bio, graines de lin bio, graines de sésames bio, sel de mer, levure.

Contient des graines de sésame