ABAQ contest

11 May 2012
Palais des congrès, Montréal

Congratulations to Julien Racco, baker at our Jean Talon bakery, who was selected as Best Artisan Baker, Specialty Breads, in a contest organized by the Artisan Bakers Association of Québec on May 10th at Montréal’s International Food Show.

Julien intimated that what he liked best about being a baker was the opportunity to work with living matter which varies from day to day, requiring him to constantly rethink the parameters involved in making good artisan bread. He credits his love of bread making to his father. “My father was a baker,” he explained. “Hence I started out learning from him and it was he who passed his passion on to me.” After a number of years of experience in France, he decided to come to work for Première Moisson primarily because we have remained true to artisan bakery techniques. His favourite Première Moisson product? The traditional baguette!

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